GRE is a standardized test. It measures the basic skills such as writing, verbal and quantitative that have been acquired by a student over the high school and college years. GRE tests verbal skills through reading comprehension, sentence equivalence, and text completion questions. Math skills are tested through quantitative comparison questions, multiple choice questions – Select One or more Answer Choices, and numeric entry questions. 

This is a section-wise adaptive test: it gets tougher as you answer question correctly. More precisely, the higher the accuracy you attain in one section, the more challenging the questions you must encounter in the subsequent section.

If you are planning to take the test and you do not know much about the content of the test, then we suggest you to read our articles designed for beginners (beginners guide!). The articles are equally helpful for the experienced test takers. For the novice, these articles are filled with new information. For experienced, they are reminders of easily forgotten critical information. 



To get familiar with New GRE Verbal Section, the following articles are helpful.

The key to success at GRE Verbal section is practice. The following practice tests would help you a lot.


Vocabulary plays a crucial part at the verbal section in any standardized test. Learning vocabulary is very easy. But, how many of them can you recall? Recall your vocabulary with us. Take the diagnostic tests first. Measure your depth and prepare again. Then, take hundreds of vocabulary tests at our vocabulary section.


  • Is the new GRE Math harder than the old GRE math?
  • What are the books for the preparation of GRE Math? 


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